Introducing referral program

A lot of our customers come from referrals. People love using Hypegrowth so they recommend us to others.
I’m excited to personally invite you to join the Hypegrowth Instagram Referral Program!
You can introduce your colleagues, as well as your own customers, to Hypegrowth and in return you will earn automatic, industry leading commissions.
Like everything we do, it’s super simple. Here’s how it works:
You can choose to be passive or active in your affiliate role. It can be as simple as putting a link or banner on your website or social channels and letting the clicks roll through. You could be a little more is-active and write a blog post, social post, or email telling your followers why you love using Hypegrowth, and why they will too.
For each one of your followers who signs up using your magic link, we’ll automatically pay you 10% of their monthly plan price!

Got questions? We have answers.

How do I refer others?

You will refer them with your special referral link. When a person clicks your affiliate link, we cookie them so if they subscribe on our site within 30 days, you'll received your commission.

How do you pay me out and when?

We pay out to your PayPal account every Friday.

Is this recurring revenue?

Yes! If the person you referred stays with us next month - you will earn 10% again. The referral fee will be applied every month for as long as the customer you referred is subscribed.

How can I track my referrals?

You will be notified by email each time someone subscribes from your link. You will be able to track all your affiliate commisions in dedicated dashboard.

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