Privacy Policy

At Hypegrowth your privacy is important to us.

We are committed to respecting your privacy and design our services with this goal in mind. Accordingly, we have developed this Privacy Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and otherwise make use of the data we collect. Should you have any questions, please reach out, we'll be glad to help:

What information does Hypegrowth collect?

When you are on our website

When you're using our website, we track your usage which includes statistics such as which pages you visit, actions you make and how long you look at them. We use that to personalize your experience and to be able to assist you quicker in issues you experience.

If you create an account, we ask for your email. We use this information to identify you, send you onboarding emails (to help you make the most out of our service), emails related about updates to our product and policies around it and payment receipts/invoices.

We might send you marketing newsletters related to new products we develop but you can opt out from those, at anytime.

If you become a paying customer, we won't know your credit-card details - they will be stored securely with Stripe - our payment processor provider. We are able to trigger a charge based on unique ID assigned to your account by Stripe.

When you contact our support

If you reach out via email or live-chat, we keep conversations and other data you might send during those exchanges. When you request to delete your account completely, those conversations are removed after a few months.

How we use your data

To provide our service

When creating an account, you agree to our Terms of Service which allows us to process your data to give you access to Hypegrowth. This way, you can have an account in our system.

To provide customer support

We provide customer support via email and live-chat, to help you take full advantage of our service and to fix in most efficient manner, any problem you encounter.

To improve your experience

We're looking at usage patterns and various statistics to understand what to improve on Hypegrowth. This includes, for example, doing A/B testing on new features.

To fight payment fraud

We actively fight credit card fraud and misuse of our services by detecting risk patterns.

Your controls, choices, and rights

Update and correct your information

If you're a direct user of our service, you can log in to your account and update your information directly there such as your email, password, billing informations.

Know if we have information concerning you and what that information is

In particular, we'll let you know:

  • if you're in our database
  • exactly what data we hold
  • purposes of processing this data
  • how long the data will be kept

To get started, reach out at

Disable the processing and permanently remove all of your data

You can ask us to to destory completely your data. Mind that, if you are currently user of our service, this equals to stopping offering you our service, subscription cancellation and account closure. There is simply no way for us to not have your data and yet provide the service.
If you have any concerns, please reach out first so we can have a chance to help:

This Privacy Policy was revied on 23th April 2019.

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