At Hypegrowth you are eligible to a refund in certain conditions.

Remember that we offer month-to-month, ongoing subscription. This means, you will automatically enter new billing period and your card will be charged monthly until the moment you cancel your subscription.

How to cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription, anytime, without additional fees, from your dashboard under Billing section ( by clicking "Cancel subscription" red button. If for some reasons you cannot login, you can still reach out to us through an email ( or a live-chat (to access live-chat, open it by clicking the widget in right bottom corner of the website or open this link: and clearly request to cancel and we will do it without additional questions asked.

When you are eligible to a refund:
  • when you believe you've cancelled the subscription (by clearly informing us through email or live-chat OR cancelling your subscription yourself from the dashboard) yet your card was charged after that
  • when the service stopped working because of a technical issue on our side for more than 10 days - we will issue a refund for an entire period of 30 days
When you are not eligible for a refund:
  • when you didn't cancel the subscription and kept using the service. We can easily find that information within our logs and correspondence.
  • when you did not update us with the correct password for more than 7 days from the first notification we sent you. It's your obligation to always keep us updated about the password changes.

To request a refund, please email us at

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